Reading & Book-signing May 27 in Eureka

I will be reading excerpts from my new book, Practicing Zen without a License, at 6pm at Booklegger bookstore, 2nd & E Streets in Eureka.  I will also be signing copies of Practicing Zen as well as my previously published novels (Jujitsu for Christ, Nightshade, Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock, Dreamer).  Come out to Old Town & get to know this critically acclaimed, new-to-Humboldt Southern writer!

One thought on “Reading & Book-signing May 27 in Eureka

  1. Hey Jack, It’s been way to long, oh lord. Jack I hope you get this message. Dear Jack,
    What the fuck!

    I am Jim Cooley (former student at college of santa fe) [aka- the college of shit and tears]. I have many boxes of your books that I’ve been storing forever that I’d love to return to you, and I would not mind saying hello and apologizing for not getting a word to you sooner.

    Hope you are in excellent spirits and thriving,
    Hope the smoke is extra fine.

    Semper Fi,


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