More on the Cloud

My approach to this blog is not the usual. I am not seeking wide-spread attention. My notion is that everything I write goes together to form one whole entity, a complete work containing stories, novels, essays, blogs, poems, paintings, and math, and naturally connecting all the areas of my interest.

My purpose in this blog is to issue an invitation to that one work, create another door by which it may be visited. The work cannot be summarized or reduced. The point is its richness and color, if you think there is any. The point is to help with the connections. The point is the experience.

Don’t expect this approach to appeal to many. But I have faith there are a few people out there who see things this way, and who will find the whole consistent, enlightening, explanatory, refreshing.

That’s what I mean when I say Welcome to the Cloud. Eventually I plan to build in links to the other stuff. You can find some of them on Google already, but most of what most authors do either vanishes or is considered only in fragments.

The being is indivisible. Have always seen other writers this way. Reading individual works, as I wrote once, is just following tracks by moonlight.

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