You Tell the Story

The old man looked me up and down.

“Son,” he said, “loud, fat, and stupid is no way to go through life.”


2 thoughts on “You Tell the Story

  1. -Fighting words.

    I bit my lip until the iron taste of blood was in mouth. What did this man ever know and why was his teeth still shining at me as he made that ugly smile?

    One more punch and freedom will just be a word they say on the news.
    One more bloody night and “Daddy” will just be a word my kids say on the telephone, then father, then Nathaniel, then you, then silence.
    One more “Yes”, one more “Now”, one more and this blackness that creeps through my heart like the cold rain of winter and there will be no more green grass, no more coeds in bikinis smiling at the sunshine, no more bluebirds song, no more beer.

    Smile and spit it back.

    “Seems to work well enough for you, Pops.”

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