Draft Al Franken

Or Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton.  I’m getting old and am limited by low income and severe arthritis and stenosis, but surely there are some angry young Turks out there who can start such a movement.

Right, they probably wouldn’t win.  By all odds, our next president will be a Republican.  But I would like at least the chance to vote for someone who will at least TRY to do something.

How many Obama apologists are there now?  Even one is too many.  Yes, I voted for him, and I voted for him because I thought he would stand up for the things I fervently care about, like honor, carrying your fair share, civil rights, the ending of stupid and unnecessary and evil wars, seeing to it that criminals, whether in government or elsewhere, face the courts, the end of my beloved country’s hideous engagement in torture, fair medical treatment even for the less fortunate.  Not one of these things has Obama stood up for.  Not ONE.  Occasionally he throws a few empty words my way, and he has the gall to think such a sop will keep people like me quiet.

Months ago I began wondering whether he was crooked, stupid, or gutless.  He isn’t stupid.

There would be only one justifiable defense for his behavior:  If, upon entering office, a cabal of military and financial types told him, Listen, we already HAVE all the power.  We only need a president for theatrical reasons, to keep the people from realizing the extent of our coup.  You do it our way, or you will be assassinated.

But if that were the case, how could he smile?  The man smiles a lot.  He smiles while he gives my country away to the worst.

No, he’s either crooked or gutless.  In any case, I would dearly love to see him become a one-term president.  Hell, even MICHELLE has more guts than he does.  I wonder how it feels to be a strong woman married to a coward?  She has to know what he is, right?

Obama is a stealth Republican.

It looks pretty certain to me–although there are no absolute certainties–that our next president will be Republican.  As I’ve said, there’s only one Republican I could conceivably vote for, Gary Johnson.  I toyed with the notion that Mitt Romney couldn’t be worse until I read what he had to say about the debt ceiling farce.  You’re dead to me, Mitt.

So I intend to throw my vote away on a third-party candidate next time, assuming some brave (and sane) soul steps up.  I have a hunch a lot of us will.  It will feel good to at least stand up and cast my lot with those I can respect.  I’m through dealing with fakes and frauds.  The old argument to the effect that we have to vote for Obama because the TPs are worse no longer moves me.  I see what happens to people who think that way.

If Obama wins, he will have to do it without a committed, eager, passionate volunteer base.  He will have to do it without a base, period.  He has no base.  He has insulted and ignored his base, and now he gets to run for office without one.

I aint a Southern Baptist no more, haven’t been one for a long time, but I still remember my New Testament:  If you’re lukewarm, I shall spew you out of my mouth.  That’s you, Obama.  Spewage.

This time, let’s drive home the results.  Yes, I know we complained about George Bush, but sometimes it came off as powerless whining.  This time, during what I fervently hope is a one-term Republican presidency, our strategy must be to keep driving home the connection between Republican policies, public misery, and the disastrous state of the union.

Sure, a lot of TP types have been deluded into blaming “liberals” for the very problems caused by greed and neocons.  But remember, they don’t just hate Democrats, they hate ALL government.  This time, every move the president makes, let’s immediately, vociferously, and continually drive home the connection.  Put the blame where it belongs.  Point out the lies and the liars.  No matter the feckless MSM, no matter the rightwing bull that plops from the mouths of the jabbering heads at Fox.  Just keep making the connection, loudly, insistently, over and over.

The TPs who currently blame liberals are pretty close to the line, and more terrified than ever.  The crooked elite can’t really drain much more blood out of the turnip without even those people turning against them.  It should be our job henceforth to keep putting out the facts, not to vilify and demonize them, however wrongheaded we might think they have been.  You do not gather strength by demonizing possible allies.  Make no mistake, many of these people respect honor and decency and truth-telling.  They’ve just been conned by con artists.

Keep pointing out the con game.

Winston Churchill supposedly said, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing–after they’ve tried everything else.”  I thought maybe after George Bush we had exhausted the “everything else,” but apparently not.

Okay.  The next five years are going to be rough and severely discouraging.  No doubt about it.  But if we suck it up now and play it smart, in 2016 we might have a genuine candidate.

(Addendum:  I wound up voting for Obama after all, and he improved somewhat, though I am still ashamed of his unwillingness to pursue the war criminals of the Bu(ll)sh(it) administration, his expansed use of drones–though he probably see himself as cutting down on innocent casualties by using them)–and his apparent infatuation with Wall Street types.  I no longer see him as either gutless or crooked, but as partly correct and, like most humans, including me, partly deluded.  I have enjoyed watching the frantic wing-nuttery and increasingly desperate rhetoric of the right-wingers during his presidency, I must admit; but I still hope for better in our next president.)

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