Watch This Site

I’m learning how to manage this blog.  Among other things, I cannot figure out yet how to respond to comments.  It’s not intuitive, and in order to figure it out, I must wade through pages and pages about wordpress and the site.  There are no simple buttons, as there should be.  So for those of you who have made comments, I appreciate them deeply, especially the ones from friends.  I WILL be responding.

I also plan to go back through and add a lot of descriptive and helpful tags to my posts, but haven’t done it yet.

Eventually you should be able to access photos, photos of paintings, poems, essays, and instructions on how to get hold of longer works.  Like I say, I’m learning, if slowly.  Forgive my pace.

A bit of news:  The U of Miss press is reissuing my first novel, Jujitsu for Christ (a bit ironic, considering my previous post, but hell, I like irony),  there are plans for a consortium of readers to bring out at least the first third of my currently unpublished novel, The Illumination of Elijah Lee Roswell (with the hopes of eventually bringing out the rest of the book), and there’s a chance a selected poems will be published–only eighty or so pages, but better than anything I have currently.   And perhaps there could be another eighty-page selected with different poems.

Elijah Lee Roswell is a Mississippi share-cropper’s sun who gets on the wrong side of the law and becomes first a bootlegger and then a bank robber.  Along the way he is “abducted” by what he thinks at first is a flying saucer, and travels to what he thinks is “the future.”

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