This renewed bout of posting has helped me with one thing at least.  And that’s what was wrong with that math material I just posted.  None it was in English.  Most of it was in Mathics.  There’s a lot of the problem most people have with math.  It’s often presented with such elaborate pretension. Hmm.   Maybe that’s the problem with poetry too.

It’s true that a notation and a jargon save space and time eventually, however off-putting and incomprehensible they may be to the would-be initiate.  The notation eliminates redundancy, the need to explain all over again what you’re talking about every time you talk about it.  For that reason, I plan to segue (slowly, slowly) to the notation.

I’ve always been dubious about supposed knowledge that’s supposedly too hard to explain.  There is some, and it doesn’t pay to think there isn’t.  Real mathematicians plow through tremendously complex stuff, and I don’t expect them to stop and explain.  There’s wisdom too hard for me.

But I’m sure there are a lot people out there like me.  They actually kind of enjoy math but never tried to go professional.  They like odd little mathematical facts.  They like to play around with numbers.  Algebra made sense to them and they wanted more of that kind of information but at calculus they started to lose touch because nobody was talking their language any more.

So I promise to replace those essays with some English on the same subject.  They’ll run longer but easier to follow.  (For you and me.  Sometimes I go back and re-read an essay and can’t figure out what the hell I was talking about, though it made sense at the time.)

It’ll probably take me a while.  Making sense is the hardest work there is.

I’m assuming most of the people who would read these math posts already have some algebra and plane geometry and trig.  They might not know all the concepts and terms, but they won’t be thrown by seeing an equation written out in the notation.

Oh, and I’m changing the poem in the last post, replacing “latticework” with “rusty screen,” which is the particular image I had in mind.

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