I’m Glad You’re Dead, You Rascal You

Okay, bin Laden is dead.  I, like most people, am glad of that.  He murdered 3000 people on 11 September 2001, and maybe as many as a thousand more in various other incidents.  He was a terrible human.  How awful must it be to be bitter and violent still when you get old?  I don’t envy Al-Zawahri, who looks at least as murderously dyspeptic, and who will surely soon die as well.

But what are we to make of the people who made billions of dollars during our tragedy and disarray?  What are we to make of the Wall Streeters who crashed the economy, the greedheads at insurance companies, people who did not hesistate to profit while millions of Americans not only went through shock and mourning, but lost their savings and their jobs and their hope?  Many of us not only mourned the dead, but mourned a lost country–my first reaction on 11 September was horror and shock and a deep sick feeling, and my second was fear for my country, how angry and vicious we were now, in the aftermath, almost certain to become.

What did most people think of arms profiteers on either side during World War II?  And yet arms profiteering is now our major industry, while taking care of our own citizens doesn’t even make the to-do list.  If I had contempt for Osama Bin Laden, how much more contempt must I have for those who never hesitated not only to strip the vulnerable average citizen of as much money as possible, but to portray anyone who opposed their thievery as unpatriotic?  How much contempt for those who lobbied to change the laws even further in their favor (and often succeeded)?

Greed is NOT good.  This is the firm opinion of the species over the thousands of years of its existence.  Greed serves only itself, looks after only itself, ignores facts and probabilities.  Greed will do anything, anything at all, to further itself.

Can we begin to talk about this now?  Now that the obvious lie has been exploded, the lie that opposition to crooks means you hate the U. S.  Can we begin to talk about these creeps for the sordid little spirits they are, now that they can no longer wrap themselves in the flag and declaim, while taking our money to offshore banks, that they are the only true patriots?

Never mind punishment.  As the KJV puts it, verily they have their reward.  I would not have been willing to be Osama bin Laden for all the money in the world.  Neither would I have been willing to be Anthony Mazilo.

What about the truth?  Is it okay to face the facts about these creeps now?