Published work


  • Practicing Zen without a License     (Claytonworks, 2011)
  • Dreamer     (Alfred A. Knopf, 1998; Kadokawa Shoten, Japan, 2001)                                                              
  • Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock     (Alfred A. Knopf, 1993; Little, Brown, U. K., 1993; Penguin, 1994; Little, Brown, U.K., 1995)                                                                                     
  • Nightshade     (Atlantic Month Press, 1989; Grafton Books, U. K., 1991)
  • Jujitsu for Christ     (August House, 1986; Penguin, 1987)


Short Stories


One thought on “Published work

  1. Nightshade (Atlantic Month Press, 1989; Grafton Books, U. K., 1991)

    Came out the year I was born, I read it a short while after. It was my very first Science Fiction encounter, much like it was your first foray. For years now I’ve thought of this book as excellent and not receiving of the acclaim it deserved. (Mostly because some years down the line, I forgot about it, re-remembered, and then couldn’t figure out the title! If there wasn’t anything spawned from it, it definitely didn’t deserve to fade to obscurity!)

    For the past few years, I’ve have been on and off “looking” for the title of this book and its author. I tried all the phrases and keywords from the book that I could remember, I couldn’t remember the names of characters or anything that would help specifically. I finally accidentally stumbled upon a book review on Amazon. It barely touched the surface as most descriptions on the book do, now that I’ve found the title, it does not surprise me I had such little luck.

    I did order a new hardcover of the book from Amazon for 13 dollars. I consider it a very good investment.

    Nothing really captures your imagination like your first foray into a genre, for me Nightshade was that – it was my inspiration. I don’t know how many sources you drew from or if the ideas were in part based on another universe, but to me it felt so vivid and real, and the pictures still reside in my head as a gallery of vastly enjoyable and futuristic scenes.

    Thanks for writing this book, it was an honor reading it, and I hope its as good as I remember when I get my new copy.

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